Security Officer


Job Description:

Securing premises of CBN Asia; protecting company personnel and visitors by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipment, and inspecting the offices, building, and company equipment.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Inspect and patrol company premises regularly
  2. Monitor property entrance
  3. Authorize entrance of people and vehicles
  4. Report any suspicious behaviors and/or activities
  5. Secure all exits, doors, and windows
  6. Monitor surveillance cameras
  7. Respond to alarms and react accordingly in a timely manner
  8. Provide assistance to company personnel and visitors, as needed
  9. Communicate with law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical personnel in case of emergency
  10. Monitor public access and ensure security of all personnel and visitors
  11. Adhere to company policies and legal regulations
  12. Provide detailed reports on daily activities and any unusual incidents that may have occurred


  1. College Graduate
  2. Has 1 year equivalent working experience
  3. Has 4-hour relevant security training, first aid-training, and self-defense training
  4. Must have valid license for Security Guard/Officer
  5. Excellent knowledge of security protocols
  6. Able to operate security systems and emergency equipment
  7. Able to read, understand and carry out oral and written instructions
  8. Has good interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
  9. Has critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  10. Able to react appropriately in stressful situations
  11. With high level of attention to detail
  12. Willing to work on extended hours
  13. Can be trusted with confidential and financial matters
  14. Able to manage multiple tasks within given time frames

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