Would You Give Even When You’re in Need?

Drowning in 13-million debt, Pinkki Sempio replied a resounding faith-filled “yes” to that question.

As a businesswoman, Pinkki learned to do her best to protect and grow her business.

However, amendments in her dealings’ contracts resulted in a huge amount of debt. Her loans from the bank started piling up and she cannot pay her employees on time.

Worst, Pinky came to a point that she cannot provide all her children’s needs anymore.

“I literally had nothing left. But whenever I look at my children and see them praying, I realize that there are a lot of people who still love and care for me,” Pinkki said, recalling one of the darkest moments in her life.

Distressed and worried about her company’s imminent bankruptcy, Pinkki called to God and remembered her father’s words before the latter passed away.

“He told me that there are 3 secrets in life. Number 1 would be love for God; number 2 is hard work; and number 3 is charity.” Pinkki held on to those words deep in her heart.

She started pawning her sets of jewelry, and donated part of it to CBN Asia in faith. She shared that she was inspired how the show, The 700 Club Asia, helps transform lives of its viewers like her, and how Operation Blessing reaches her underprivileged kababayans.

“I watched and saw Operation Blessing reached those who are difficult to reach. They would hike the mountains and cross the rivers. [Through the show], I am also reminded constantly that God can do miracles in my life too,”

Though she had too many needs of her own, she still thought about giving – doing it in faith and out of love.

In her life, Pinkki embraces God’s Word in Psalm 23:1-3, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”

God blessed her faithfulness! After a while, Pinkki was able to sell a property for 31 million pesos – enough to settle all her debts and start her life anew.

“If there’s a word beyond ecstatic, that would be it. My joy was indescribable because God has given me more than what I prayed for! As long as you believe that God is alive, there is hope,” Pinkki expressed.

She also thanked the show for encouraging its viewers to live out God’s purpose for their lives, “For all I’ve been through, thank you, The 700 Club Asia for reminding us that we really have to serve God and be kingdom-builders.”

Are you too caught up in your own needs that you tend to forget others?

The Word of God produced generosity in Pinkki’s life. She obeyed and allowed herself to be used as a vessel of God’s provision to the needy even when she, too, was in grave need.

Your heavenly father knows when you give out of love, and that love is in its purest form when you give out of your need. It’s the kind of giving that pleases Him.

Do you want to start your journey to generosity? The Operation Blessing is currently mobilizing efforts on COVID-19 emergency response. Visit their website and Facebook page to know how you can help.

(DSWD Authority/Solicitation Permit No.:DSWD-SB-SP-00018-2020)

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